Taste Pilots' Grill

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Taste Pilots' Grill

Post by Botts » Mar Tue 31, 2009 10:58 pm


I'm trying to scrounge up all of the Taste Pilots' Grill songs, and I was planning on uploading them.

I am wondering though, about Subsonic's opinions on intellectual property rights as I can legally make a copy for personal use, I just don't know if uploading them would breach any subsonic rules?

Also, the Taste Pilots' BBQ sauce is the best I've ever had, ever!!! Anyone know what brand it is?

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Post by js3901 » Apr Thu 02, 2009 4:20 pm

we rely on uploads from users. while this music is copyrighted to the original producers, it is legal to play them if we do not make money of them, and also if we do not distribute them (make them available for people to download).

now, when you upload to us, it makes a copy for us automatically, and you keep the original.
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