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Updated Stream Adding Process

Posted: Jun Mon 16, 2008 8:52 am
by rdeacon

I just wanted to give everyone that uploads tracks an quick update. We now have streamlined the way we handed tracks for subsonicradio. As we have quite a large library of tracks, it took some time to wrangle them up, and optimize how we handle adding tracks. Thanks for being patient, as we have had a long lag in recent track additions/modifications.

Just a few tips again for those that are uploading tracks.
  • 1. Please upload a list of tracks with the tracks you upload. This list can be simple, track names and your screen name, so we can give you credit.
    2. Please search the list of tracks before you upload. Uploading duplicate tracks slows down the addition process. UNLESS the current track quality is very poor and you have a better, or more complete version.
If you have a track you would like to compare, stop in chat and we can queue the track for you so you can listen and make a judgment.

We are not trying to deter any uploads. When in doubt upload. Its just uploading the same tracks we have just adds to the workload.

Thanks again for all of your donations. You uploads help make subsonicradio more complete and a better site.

Thanks again

Team SR

Posted: Jun Thu 19, 2008 6:13 am
by Guy
I have uploaded a load of track recently - I uploaded a large collection that covers nearly all MGM and had wondered what was happening. You must have a huge back list of things to do and I appreciate you keeping us up to date. Good luck with all the uploades and keep up all the good work. :D

Posted: Jun Thu 19, 2008 7:27 am
by cap396
I can't wait for the Main Street Christmas Area Music to be uploaded. Thanks for all you do to make Subsonic such a great website! I love Subsonic Radio!

Posted: Jun Fri 20, 2008 4:27 pm
by rdeacon
We are all done with the new track handling process. So now we can get to work adding tracks.

Well currently the tracks that have to be checked is about 5GB. :shock:

I did notice quiet a few duplicates.

One note about MGM um DHS. I did see a bunch of tracks in there. I will say that unless the tracks clearly say DHS when I listen to them they will not be added. For example, the Superman theme is played in DHS, but we have not added the track since it doesn't feel like Disney. I know this is a grey area and we have many tracks that are in the stream that are non-Disney, but its kinda the rule of thumb we are going by. That also goes for all parks. It just seems that DHS falls into this category more often.

Anyway.. I will try to add some tracks soon.

Thanks for your patience.


Posted: Jun Sat 21, 2008 4:18 am
by Guy
Not sure if you were involved in the form discussion about the Nemo Musical rdeacon, but someone had requested a full version that isn't broken up into smaller tracks. You currently have the 'tracked version' but it makes it impossible to hear the whole thing as someone has always requested part of it. Would you therefore count the complete show version as a duplicate?

Posted: Jun Mon 23, 2008 11:37 am
by rdeacon
No... I wouldn't consider it a duplicate. We tend to not add long tracks since it eats up queue time. Though I am partial to that track. But its going to be costly :)

Maybe if I get some free time I can splice it together.


Posted: Jun Mon 23, 2008 5:05 pm
by Guy
It shouldn't need splicing together as it is already one long track (the one that I posted). I whole-heartedly agree that it should be worth loads of points! :)

Posted: Jun Mon 23, 2008 5:42 pm
by rdeacon
ah.. then that would be easier then :)

Maybe if I get a chance tonight.


Posted: Jun Tue 24, 2008 11:44 am
by Guy
That would be great - can't wait to request it :D

Posted: Jun Tue 24, 2008 12:39 pm
by rdeacon
How about now :wink:

I added the track today as a test.


Posted: Jun Tue 24, 2008 1:20 pm
by Guy

This is my first uploaded piece to get online and I am the first person to request it yay!!

a double first :D

Posted: Jun Tue 24, 2008 1:44 pm
by rdeacon
Thanks again for the upload. I will be adding some more tracks, then post news on it. That way you get your props.


Posted: Jun Wed 25, 2008 2:32 am
by Guy
No problem - it's great to be able to give something back to the site!

Thanks - Onld Monerail Spiels on the way

Posted: Feb Sat 14, 2009 10:28 am
by usetonamick
Thanks for all the work - I will be uploading a couple of old '72 Monorail Spiels in a few!

Re: Updated Stream Adding Process

Posted: Oct Wed 05, 2016 6:37 pm
by momeja
Hi Rich, I have a couple of Radiator Springs Racers tracks I'd like to add, including a queue loop. Let me know what I need to do.