"Is this eligible for uploading?"

Talk about tracks you have uploaded to the server

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"Is this eligible for uploading?"

Post by js3901 » Aug Tue 08, 2006 8:10 am

ok, a few threads have recently popped up asking if certain tracks/albums are eligible for upload. Well, here's a shortlist of things that you should (if anything) upload to the FTP.

The album(s)/track(s) MUST be played in/around a Disney park/experience (ie - cruise lines). Anything that does not meet this will be immediately deleted.

Also, please make sure that we don't already have a copy of what you're uploading. Unless you have a better quality copy of the song, we don't need it, but we appreciate the thought.

As ever, Subsonic is the owner of this site, and he holds final judgement of all tracks added to the playlist.

If you upload something, but we do not add it to the playlist, please do not take it personally. At the current time, we have almost 2500 tracks in the playlist, and we have almost the same amount of tracks awaiting addition. So, chances are, we may already have yours waiting. Or, Subsonic may just not want it.

If there is a question, please just upload it. We'll be the judges of what should go in the station and what shouldn't.
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