Smashing That Wall

Running and Walking Tips

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Smashing That Wall

Post by NaCler » Feb Thu 27, 2014 12:25 am

Wall... A four letter word when it comes to running. Unfortunately it happens to everyone while running or walking longer distances. There will be days where this wall will break you and days you will break it. Just keep at it and know you will have good runs and bad runs. A good way to stave off hitting a wall is to make sure you stay hydrated and eat some type of snack or gels while running longer than 3 miles.

As your endurance builds, the longer you will go before hitting the wall.

If you have any tips on getting past your walls, please post them here.

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Country Bear Jamboree Greeter
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Re: Smashing That Wall

Post by cy1229 » Feb Thu 27, 2014 9:55 pm

Two words: mental fortitude.

I'm a stubborn you-know-what. Seriously, I am.

My walks on the treadmill were really getting to me after about 15-17 minutes, and I wanted to do 45. rdeacon (thank you again!) told me this is normal!!! What??? I do something that's NORMAL? No way...

I'm just too stubborn to let my body defeat me. :)
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